Before you start buying diamonds, take into account coping with a bonded jeweler. Bonded jewelers provide bonded diamonds, and you can find very few bonded jewelers on the earth. In reality, outside of every one of the jeweler’s on the globe, only about 5% of these are bonded. Buying a bonded diamond will cost in excess of buying a non-bonded diamond, but any time you examine Anything you get Together with the bonded choice, you will note that it is very well worth the more cost.

Initially, bonded diamonds Possess a obtain back coverage with the life of the diamond. Irrespective of how lengthy you have got had the diamond, you usually takes it back on the bonded jeweler and provide it back again to her or him, for a one hundred% refund. If a jeweler would not provide a one hundred% buy back again assurance, for your life of the diamond, then you’ll want to consider a more in-depth think about the diamond to determine precisely what is wrong with it.

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Bonded diamonds even have a breakage plan. When the stone breaks or chips, the bonded jeweler will substitute it that has a new one – a single time. No jeweler would ever present this kind of policy on any stone that was not one hundred% pure, so just the give of such a policy ought to Present you with bit of intellect concerning the quality of the diamond. Bonded diamonds are organic and untreated.

Bonded diamonds rise in price, with a hard and fast appreciation level that’s created to sustain with inflation. Consequently a diamond that may be worth a certain amount of money right now is going to be worthy of extra Down the road, as the cost of diamonds proceeds to increase. This frequently does not apply to purchase backs, nonetheless. It normally applies to trade-ins.

Alternately, by acquiring a bonded diamond, you happen to be safeguarded in opposition to the potential for a market place crash. If a market place crash happens, the value of diamonds will drop. Nevertheless, the bonded jeweler ensures to refund you the difference between what the diamond is now really worth and what you paid for it right before the industry crash.

It could be challenging to discover a bonded jeweler in your town, but if you can, this is who you want to handle, in contrast to handling an un-bonded jeweler. Exclusively explain to the jeweler that you’re only thinking about bonded diamonds. You can find a bonded jeweler close to you through the use of a variety of on the internet resources, or by contacting the regional jewelry stores.