It is correct that All is Head, Divine Brain. There is nothing “exterior” or “apart from” the Mind of God. Thoughts as explained in ACIM could be the activating agent of Spirit, and Brain and Spirit are 1. The sleeping intellect seems to have neglected its Fact as Divine Mind. The sleeping head believes it is actually “in” subject or flesh, it seems to acquire two elements, and it is apparently mortal or finite. As a result, It appears to wish to answer a wakeup Phone or to “open its coronary heart” and accept by itself as Changelessly Eternal Brain. The heart, as I make use of the term, is synonymous with motivation, or the altar on the mind. If the altar seems to be defiled or to incorporate something “besides” Adore, the head is closed to Love, shut for the working experience of By itself as Divine Head. To open the center is to forgive or to search earlier the defiled altar Using the Holy Spirit to The sunshine within, and to begin to see the Innocent, Radiant Perfection of Christ. An open up coronary heart is another way of claiming “Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God.” A Pure Coronary heart and Divine Thoughts are the exact same, for a clear and open up altar enables The sunshine of God to radiate and increase By natural means. These kinds of is Divine Mind. This sort of is Generation. Such is Purity of Heart.

Non dual teachers
David Hoffmeister
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Head/coronary heart, wondering/feeling, intellect/emotion distinctions are artificial Moi constructs, for they continue to imply duality. Emotions do without a doubt crop up from whatever believed technique the intellect aligns with, God or Moi, adore or dread, for in a very symbolic perception (as When the separation had actually transpired) there are actually but both of these emotions. Opening the heart to Correction (purity), desiring Atonement over all else, and desiring Only God are all ways of describing the Gateway to your Remembrance of God. Christ is usually a Thought within the Brain of God. Christ is the Feeling of Best Appreciate during the Mind of God. Consequently Considering and Sensation with God is just normal for Christ, for that Christ Head is simply Union. In reality there’s no duality, no Brain/Coronary heart break up.

Brain is All in All. An open Heart is aware of By itself as Brain, as One particular with God. There is absolutely no duality in a single Brain, for Enjoy has no opposite. This is actually the which means of “Excellent Really like casts out concern.” Only Adore remains Eternally Changeless. It is also the meaning of “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the Peace of God.”

Thanks in your devotion to Awakening, for opening your coronary heart on the Thoughts of God. I love you very dearly and forever.

Peace & Blessings,

David Hoffmeister